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Mayas Liquid Mining Protocol

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What is Mayas?

The world’s first decentralized mining protocol backed up by the global hashrate of the BTC network. Based on Radix DLT.

Our product

We have built a premier product for decentralized and permisionless mining that solves the problems inherent with Bitcoin mining and thus of all current mining projects.

Maya solves

  • High costs of solo mining;

  • Lack of liquidity;

  • Unprovable hashrate;

  • Tokenized hashrate with inflationary supply and lack of a hedge.

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Download our latest Deck document to learn all detailed all ins and outs of our project, goals and more.

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You can learn much more about us, by reading our detailed document.

What is Mayas Liquid Mining Protocol?

Mayas Liquid mining is a permissionless protocol for the tokenization of hashrate that is collateralized with liquidity and vice versa, in a completely decentralized form.

What does Mayas Liquid Mining Protocol do?

It allows everyone to become part of the mining industry by lowering the entry price and it connects the mining industry with exchange grade liquidity, thus it gives miners an instant hedge and more exit options.

Why would I join Mayas Liquid Mining Protocol?


  • Stake&Mine features

  • No minimum for mining

  • No need to handle hardware equipment

  • Fair mining equipment price


  • Instant liquidity

  • Paid electricity

  • No market-price risk

  • No need to sell old equipment

  • Paid maintenance

  • Increase number of equipment holdings

What does it mean for…

For Miners

Miners can obtain liquidity by allocating mining power to the Mayas project under a contract that obligates them to provide the hashrate generated by X amount of hashpower during Y period. Miners will unlock their payment according to the hashrate generated.

For Inverstors

Investors can became miners by buying mining equipment in the Mayas marketplace, this action is done seamlessly by just providing liquidity on the MAYAS-BTC pool. Investors can claim BTC mining rewards daily and also the underlying liquidity after a 6 month period. Investors can also farm MAYAS rewards.

For Speculators

Speculators, traders, and beginner miners can become part of the project by just purchasing the main token, which entitles them to claim BTC mining rewards.

What is a bonding curve?

Is an incentive systems based on our protocol that enables coordination between the members of our network to achieve our liquidity goals. It a guideline embedded in our code, which rewards or punishes users according to their behaviour. In other words it incentivises our members towards a mutually beneficial outcome.

How are investors paid?

Investors, after getting their MLP share, will be able to claim BTC mining rewards according to their staked share, investors can also claim back their liquidity after a 6 month period.

How are miners paid?

Miners get paid the full price of the mining equipment “bought” by the investors, the payment is placed under a smart contract which will unlock the funds according to the hashrate provided by the miner. Miners also get their electricity bills paid at the end of each mining period.

How do I buy the MAYAS Token?

You can buy the Mayas token directly on the MAYAS-BTC pool, or on any other secondary pool.

How can I get MLP Token?

By participating in the Seed Incubation Period or by minting them post-event, the price of which will be undoubtedly higher. In order to mint new MLP shares, users must provide liquidity to the MAYAS-BTC pool and lock it.

How do I become a part of the mining revolution?

We expect to launch as early as Q4 2022, but you can get started now by delegating to Radical Staking, the official stake pool of the Mayas project:

Radical Staking validator address: rv1qwqf39p307f58y06ejewfwzyuyqd68denpdk3vpp7rsvmqtsc0kdkhq64gc

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You can learn much more about us, by reading our detailed document.